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AAMI Stadium, Melbourne, Cox Architecture

AAMI Stadium, Melbourne, Cox Architecture


“Fiona specifically managed Cox Richardson, the NSW State entity of the company, with 130 staff.

She has shown incredible enthusiasm and devotion to the task that has not been easy due to the diversity of professional disciplines and the distribution of our office population throughout Australia and overseas.

She has humour and resilience in dealing with difficult issues related to her work involving operations, practice management, marketing, recruitment, production, staff and client relations.

She has shown particular adeptness in managing people and building our culture within difficult and often egocentric groups of people.

She has partaken and organised many social occasions both internally and externally that interfaced all levels of staff and maintained a happy and socially adjusted group of people at all levels.

She was respected by our clients and consultants and was able to move with ease within Government and private enterprise circles.”

Philip Cox, AO
Founder, Cox Architecture

Sydney Exhibition Centre, Cox Richardson

Sydney Exhibition Centre, Cox Richardson


“Notwithstanding talk about de-regulation, practicing architecture in the 21st century becomes more complex, not less.

For over 10 years Fiona helped COX manage and act on all those things that architects hate having to do.

Fiona managed our human resources, compliance, quality assurance, training and our office.

Most importantly she set up our systems and ensured their operation.

With lessons learnt at COX Fiona will be invaluable to small and emerging practitioners.”

John Richardson
Director, Cox Richardson

Cantala Apartments, Melb, SJB

Cantala Apartments, Melb, SJB

“Fiona was an invaluable resource to us at a time when we had experienced significant growth and lacked the in-house HR expertise we needed. Fiona made a significant contribution to our business in supporting our performance and salary review processes.”

Adam Haddow
Director/Owner, SJB


No. 1 Lachlan, Waterloo, Turner

No. 1 Lachlan, Waterloo, Turner

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"Fiona carried out a contract caretaking role after our long term HR Manager left. With 125 staff her remit was to hold the fort and recruit and handover to a well suited replacement HR Manager. Fiona took such a load off, jumped in and become an instant member of the team, tackled a tricky position with such professionalism, and was such a pleasure to deal with and have around. She is one of a kind and I so very much appreciate how she helped us out.”

Nick Turner
Director/Owner, Turner

One Central Park, Sydney, PTW + Ateliers Jean Nouvel

One Central Park, Sydney, PTW + Ateliers Jean Nouvel

PTW logo.gif

“I've worked with Fiona over the last 5 years through our mutual association with the Institute of Architects Large Practice Forum HR Committee, of which I was Chair.

Fiona's participation on the Committee has been invaluable bringing a level of expertise and down to earth practicality in sharing and discussing complex HR and practice issues uniquely inherent to architecture and design.

Her knowledge and approach of addressing the complexities of working through the day to day issues of practice management are innovative, consultative and refreshing. Her tenacity is of benefit in all realms of professional, multi-disciplinary practice.”

Laraine Sperling
Past Head of Strategy, People + Culture, PTW

Gordons Bay House, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Gordons Bay House, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

“Being a small practice but with substantial residential projects Fiona was a great help providing advice on people management and compliance.

I found Fiona's approach, experience and advice invaluable as I moved from a sole practitioner to a small practice.

She led me through the intricacies of becoming an employer, bringing all the critical information to the table in a comprehensive and clear manner. It would have been a confusing process without her and I am now confident that I have the correct polices, safety and compliance checks in place if anything ever does go wrong.

Fiona provided all the necessary documentation for onboarding new staff.  She gave sound salary packaging advice options and prepared employment and flexible working arrangement agreements and new company policies.

She is incredibly organised, efficient and easy to work with and I highly recommend her to any practice of any size in need of staff management and compliance assistance.”

Madeleine Blanchfield
Director/Owner, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Azuris, Hamilton Island, Renato D'Ettorre Architects

Azuris, Hamilton Island, Renato D'Ettorre Architects

“Fiona gets architects and architecture.

After initially advising on new Fair Work changes and reviewing our employment agreements Fiona has been on call to us for the last 10 years.  She is always easily reached for the simplest business question and responds quickly.

Fiona is a great manager and knows her stuff.  She is experienced, ethical and reliable.

Time is always against a small practice and Fiona has also helped us with some special project management tasks.

Her insight into they way architects and designers work helps her to bring a unique perspective to managing a design office.

Her own creativity and resourcefulness is a match with the way we work.”

Renato D'Ettorre
Director/Owner, Renato D'Ettorre Architects

Bondi House, Mathieson Architects

Bondi House, Mathieson Architects

“Since the formation of Mathieson in 2010, we have been fortunate to have the support and guidance of some key experts.

Fiona has been one of these invaluable people and has worked with us from the beginning, assisting us with the establishment of our policies and procedures, human resources, and work health and safety. 

Fiona has assisted us, not only with compliance issues, but has also worked with us in a business-mentoring role. Fiona’s extensive experience in the architecture sector has enabled her to understand the nuances of our studio and her solutions have been appropriate to our needs and evolving business.

She is highly personable, and brings a keen focus to both day to day issues of management and high level business direction.”

Phillip Mathieson
Director/Owner, Mathieson Architects

“I have worked with Fiona in my previous capacity as Registrar of the NSW Architects Registration Board.

Over the years Fiona has been a strong advocate and supporter of graduates attaining Registration and in particular encouraging female architects to Register and to sit as Examiners for the Board.

Fiona’s excellent networks in architectural practices meant that she was able to provide valuable input to the Board’s connections with architectural firms. 

Fiona contributed practical advice from the employer’s perspective to the ARB’s Architecture Insights education initiative ‘Transition to Registration’ – a multi-media online resource designed to assist graduates to make the transition to Registration.”

Kate Doyle
CEO, Architects Accreditation Council Australia
Past Registrar NSW Architects Registration Board


“The Sydney Architecture Festival is an annual fortnight long event of talks, tours and exhibitions across the city.

The NSW Chapter of the Institute regularly curates “Open Studio Tours” during the Festival, and through COX’s participation, Fiona ran the information sessions and public tours through the offices of one of Australia’s largest architectural practices in the CBD.

Feedback from the public is these tours are always fascinating and informative and are so popular they book out each year.”

Roslyn Irons
Past NSW Chapter Manager, AIA

“Fiona was invited to participate in the University’s ‘Media and Marketing Module’ as part of a series of double line up guest panel presentations and discussions.

These discussions gave students real life examples of architectural marketing and public relations in practice.

Fiona presented with Peter Kape of Hazledene Marketing on ‘Strategic Marketing for Architecture:  Theory + Practice’.

Fiona’s presentation provided students with an understanding of how media + communications strategies, brand development, networking, strategic alliances and projecting a consistent message, go hand in hand with design and project delivery in the practice of architecture.”

Dr Joanne Jakovich
Past Senior Lecturer in Design+Architecture, UTS